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Noted calligrapher and multi-media artist, Dick Beasley, or "Beas", as he was known by his friends, came to Northern Arizona University in 1968 from New York where he had worked as a designer. At the University, he taught design, painting, printmaking, drawing, and calligraphy and was a critical influence on students and the art department. In addition to instructing, he served as Interim Director of the School of art and Design and as Assistant Dean of the College of Creative and Communication Arts.

His calligraphic design and artistic abilities became widely recognized, resulting in a prolific output of commissions for the University, numerous regional and national organizations, and the private sector. Simultaneously, he became known in the calligraphic world, and his innovations in calligraphy caused him to be in demand for workshops and symposiums around the United States and abroad.

In studying Dick Beasley's work, one becomes aware of the breadth of artistic expression, revealing his inquisitive mind, a special sensitivity to the various materials, and his zeal and dedication to fine craftsmanship.

Joel S. Eide, Director Northern Arizona University Art Museum and galleries, March 31, 1993.

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